Water Damage Photo Gallery

Homeowners Tried to Dry the Floor with an Electric Fan

A fan may seem like a logical choice to help dry water damage, but it can actually do more harm than good. Trying to dry water damage with an electric fan can actually make the problem worse. The fan will blow the moisture around the room, which will cause it to spread and create more damage. SERVPRO Richardson Mold Remediation professionals have the experience and equipment necessary to properly dry water damage so you can return to your home in a timely manner. Get in touch with SERVPRO Richardson for all your water damage restoration needs.

A Dry Building is a Mold-Free Building

Water from flooding will soak into carpets and upholstery. Damp materials will fuel mold growth and lead to a musty building with poor indoor air quality. If your property has been flooded, it must be thoroughly dried to prevent mold growth and more damage to the structure. Our Water Damage Restoration Services in Richardson use a variety of industrial-grade equipment to dry materials and cut down humidity to acceptable, mold-free levels.

Water Damaged Floor in Richardson

If a home has hardwood floors, this feature is sure to be advertised in the real estate listing. People want natural hardwood floors for the aesthetic. Hardwood floors don't stain easily, absorb foul odors, or need to be replaced often as carpets do. However, hardwood floors do succumb to water damage. Once the water is soaked up by the wood, it begins to warp and rot. Your flooring is back to beautiful with our complete water damage restoration!

Saving a Wood Floor After a Water Damage in Highland Park, Texas

After a water damage, it became our priority to try to save the wood floor in this Highland Park home and save them the high cost and time of demolition and installation.  It’s possible to save flooring if the water is a low category and if the property drying techniques are applied quickly.  For this damage, our technicians used a specialized flooring mat to apply warm, dehumidified, pressurized air.

Yellow Stain on Ceiling in Ovilla, Texas

This customer didn’t realize they had a roof leak until they noticed this yellow ring on their ceiling.  These rings are most likely a result of a water damage, like a slow leak.  If you see this kind of discoloration on your ceiling, give us a call.  Our technicians will inspect the area above, find the source of the leak, and fix the damage.  We are also a Texas licensed mold remediator, so if any mold has grown as a result of the unattended leak, we will also be able to offer mold remediation services.  Give us a call; we’re available 24/7.

Injector Dry Helps Dry Behind Walls Without Demolition in Frisco, Texas

It’s always our goal to limit the amount the demolition needed after a water damage.  An injector dry is a specialized drying tool that helps us accomplish this goal.  After the baseboard is removed, small holes are drilled at the base of your wall.  The injector dry is slotted through those holes and pumps warm, dehumidified air into the air space behind the wall.  Our technicians monitor the drying process every day to ensure the technique is working quickly enough to avoid possible mold growth.  After the wall has dried to goal, the baseboard is reattached. 

Water Underneath Flooring in Waxahachie, Texas

After a water damage, you will see one of our technicians using a meter on your floor, we are checking for moisture.  Many times, water has seeped into the flooring and is hiding underneath--even though the top of the floor may seem perfectly dry.  Leaving moisture underneath the flooring will lead to mold growth and often leave the flooring permanently damaged.  When our technicians find moisture using their meters, they will seek more advanced mitigation techniques to make sure your property is completely dry and safe.

Injecting Air Behind a Wall After a Water Damage in Richardson

It's sometimes necessary to drill small holes at the bottom of the wall in order to direct warm, dehumidified air behind a wall.  Injecting air into the wall does three things:

1) It raises the air pressure which causes the water to evaporate at lower temperatures. 

2) It adds heat to the air, which provides water the energy it needs to turn from a liquid into a vapor, and

3) It removes humidity from the air which allows water to move from the structure into the air. 

Our goal is to always save as much of the structure as possible after a water damage

Specialized Drying Equipment Saves Water Damaged Wood Flooring in Dallas Home

water damage in the adjoining kitchen soaked this customer's floors in his Dallas, TX home.  In order to save our customer's wood floors, we set down specialized drying equipment.  The equipment extracted water trapped underneath the wood floors quickly enough to save them from any damage. 

Broken Pipe Causes Water Damage in Dallas

Many times, broken pipes are the reason for water damages.  When this customer experienced a water damage in his kitchen, the culprit was quickly found.  For tips on broken pipe prevention during freezing temperatures, read our blog

Tenting and Ducting to Save Flooring in Dallas, TX

After a water damage, our Dallas, TX based technicians needed to save this customer's flooring.  We needed to use our professional expertise to tent and direct hot, dehumidified air onto the flooring surface.  Our technicians did this in order to release bound water, water that was stuck in the wrong place, by applying more energy to it.